"Few animals have worked themselves as deeply into our culture and psyche as the horse.   Unfortunately many common management practices designed to provide the best of care have the opposite result.  In this book, Lisa Ross-Williams has provided a common sense way to maximize health and well-being the natural way."

Glen Dupree, DVM Homeopathy For The Animals


“To understand the natural horse — its health, psyche, environment — is a lifelong pursuit. And we readers are so fortunate to be able to peruse the wisdom and knowledge that Lisa Ross-Williams has gleaned over the years. This reference book, useful for new horse owners as well as experienced owners, allows us to present our horses with as natural a life as possible; having this guide is a present to all of us. Thank you, Lisa, for bringing this information to light.”

Linda Tellington-Jones, Founder of TTouch


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    Gold Medal Winner in the Living Now

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At last—an extensive resource for natural horsekeeping! “Down-to-Earth Natural Horse Care” is bound to become your complete ‘go-to’ reference source for providing your Equine companion a natural health regime and environment — literally from his feet to his mind.

Our lifestyles are shifting, and we find ourselves making conscientious choices about ‘natural’ selections for ourselves, our families, and our companion animals — and now with the help of this in-depth book, we can make those choices for our horses too. By providing the very best for our horse’s environment, nutrition, training, and health care, we discover that ‘natural’ is the ultimate choice — and often the most simple and cost effective.

“Down-to-Earth Natural Horse Care” is an all-inclusive guide with easy-to-implement ‘natural’ suggestions for a healthy body and mind. Author Lisa Ross-Williams, one of the horse industry’s leaders in natural horse care, provides us with an easy-to-follow road map for crafting a natural approach with everything we do for our horses.

Interested in a non-toxic way to deworm your horse? Thinking about having your horse go barefoot? Seeking a practical definition for ‘natural horsemanship’ training? Wondering how proper equine dentistry can affect your horse’s health? Curious about how ‘horse play’ can help your horse’s confidence and provide him with a mental release?

Lisa Ross-Williams explores all these topics, in addition to a myriad of others. Her years of experience and exploration provide the reader with a full complement of what a natural world would be like for horses, and how we as their owners and stewards can help attain that goal of ‘natural.’

So sit down, pour over the tips and techniques found in these pages, revel in the stories about the real nature of horses and start including these ideas into your relationship with your equine partner. Your horse will benefit from the wisdom found throughout this book, and you will undoubtedly find peace of mind from going ‘natural’ with your equine friend.


This book as been picked as required curriculum for the New Leader Development Intern Progam through The Pure Pleasure Gaited Horse Association.