“Domestication took from the horse his natural way of living. Here we learn how to give much of it back and lose nothing in the process. Indeed, life with horses becomes more satisfying and downright fun. A passionate, literate, and highly useful resource for all horse owners.”

Rick Lamb

Host of The Horse Show and "The Revolution in Horsemanship"

“I would like to wholeheartedly endorse a new book, Down-To-Earth Natural Horse Care, by Lisa Ross-Williams. As a senior citizen, a retired psychologist, and a horse person for my entire life, I am very enthusiastic about "Down-To-Earth" common sense in any field of endeavor. With respect to horses and horse owners, this book exudes practical advice to be prized by anyone who loves horses. 

I have had the privilege of working personally with Lisa, utilizing her extensive knowledge with respect to providing the best of care for the horse. My wife and I, and our horses, are very grateful for Lisa's "Johnny-on the Spot'' practi-cal solutions to common challenges faced by most horse owners. In brief, although I have been a horseman since childhood, I was rather amazed, indeed, challenged by reading this book where I learned of so many things that "I didn't know and didn't know that I didn't know!"

I trust that this will be a common reaction for most despite their history with horses, therefore, it is my opinion that everyone who owns a horse should have, as a ready reference, Lisa's book.”

Grant Johnson, Ph.D.



About the Author--  Lisa Ross-Williams



Lisa Ross-Williams is a natural horse care consultant and host of the “If Your Horse Could Talk” webcast available at www.naturalhorsetalk.com. She is the Publisher/Editor-In-Chief of Natural Horse Magazine, www.naturalhorse.com as well as the creator of Equi-Spiritâ„¢ Toys & Tools, unique and durable horse play balls and horsemanship tools. Along with her husband, Kenny they share their TalkingHorse Ranch with their beloved animals.

       Although Lisa had a childhood horse friend, upon re-entering the equine world as an adult, she was totallyunprepared for what was to come, namely a spirited Arabian named Rebel.

         Lisa’s work with Rebel sent her on a journey that would change the path of her life and his. As she began looking for horse handling information to deal with his special issues, she realized all the normal care practices seemed so ‘unnatural’ for horses. Unable to find a solution, she began a personal quest to find a better approach.

         Lisa dedicated herself to extensive research, as well as an exploration of hands-on experiences which included clinics, seminars and courses covering natural

horsemanship, hoof care, dentistry, bodywork,

homeopathy, iridology, essential oils and nutrition. She has earned her degree in Environmental Plant Science, has completed the Basic Homeopathy Veterinary course through the British Institute of Homeopathy, completed the Reiki 1/Equine Reiki course and is an Iridology Technician. She has and has been involved with natural horsemanship since 1997.

         Known to colleagues and friends as one who “walks her talk,” Lisa has positively influenced thousands of horse owners and grateful horses, sharing her knowledge of natural and holistic horse care since 1998.

         “Down-to-Earth Natural Horse Care” has been a

journey in the making, and covers an extensive array of topics including nutrition, hydration, creating a natural environment for the horse, equine dentistry, non-toxic deworming, colic, trailering and traveling, foals, senior health, hoof care, complementary therapies, natural horsemanship, toy playtime’ with horses — as well as other subjects. Lisa has spent years researching and testing everything she's included in this book, and truly wants to share her experience and knowledge with horse owners.


Want to know more about Lisa's views and why she wrote this book?

CLICK for an informational Q & A interview


October13, 2010--Interview with Lisa Ross-Williams on Animal Talk Naturally

Animal Talk Naturally is an internet radio show that airs LIVE, every Wednesday at 2:30 PM Eastern on BlogTalk Radio. Each week, listeners tune in to hear the latest in natural animal health, learn about the true nature of animals, and share the love of the human/animal bond.

CLICK for the audio interview

                The Talking Horse Ranch Herd


Although I have learned much through study and

research, my greatest teachers are the horses

themselves. Top on this list is my own herd; horses of

health, spirit and life. Without each and every one of

them, this book would never have come to be. Many of the stories of the natural herd are based on our horses.



Rebel is a rose-gray Polish Arab born in 1992 and herd leader. He was the catalyst that propelled us to find a better way with horses. He has taught us about emotional fitness and how our emotions affect our animals. He is truly my best teacher and “soul horse” as evidenced by our magical relationship.

Smokie, born in 1988, is a mustang who came to us with lots of emotional baggage as shown by 12 homes in two years. He taught us about horses who retreat into their own little world and how we can help. His progress is nothing short of amazing and he is a “do anything” handy horse and my husband, Kenny’s, number one equine.

Riley is a 2000 orphan colt of unknown breed, who we

saved from auction when he was a couple weeks old. He taught us the value of proper nutrition and how much personality a horse can have. He is the herd comedian.

Bam Bam, born in 2000, is a Quarter Horse who came to us at 6 months old and the only one not a rescue. He taught us about hoof imbalance and the athleticism of the American Quarter Horse.

Elvis, born in 2001, is a Percheron/Paint who is a by-

product of the PMU (pregnant mares urine) industry. He had so many issues, it took all we learned in the past to help him get balanced as possible. He is such a gentle giant.

Cooper is a 2004 mini colt who has taught us about locked stifles and how to correct that problem with diet, hoof care and exercise. He has also taught us that amount of spirit has nothing to do with size.

Simon, the donkey was born sometime around 2004 or 2005 and entered our lives in June of 2008. We certainly were not looking for another equine but as with all special animals who are meant to come into our lives, he just happened.


Trooper, a Shetland Pony born in 1999, just entered our herd in October of 2009 as a rehab. But of course, we fell in love with him and he became a permanent family member.


        Talking Horse Ranch in Cornville, Arizona--

    A Holistic Horse Care Research and Education Center


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