Natural Horse Care Distance Learning

                                    Certification Course




Our Natural Horse Care Course will introduce and educate you to the basics of  natural horse care based on the book Down-To-Earth Natural Horse Care-Keeping your horse as best suits his mind, body and soul. 


The goal of this course will be for the student to gain an understanding of natural herd management, creating a natural environment, formulating a species appropriate diet, proper equine dentistry , natural hoof care (barefoot),   natural horsemanship, introduction to the main equine alternative therapies, and  practical and applied equine naturopathy-natural parasite control, dangers of vaccination/over-vaccination, and legal guidelines to be aware of.


Upon completion and passing the final exam, the student will be certified through If Your Horse Could Talk, LLC as a Natural Horse Care Advisor.


The eight modules will be presented in an exciting Power Point presentation using audio, photos, videos and supplemental learning resources.


1.  Introduction to Natural Horse Care-


 This module focuses on how the philosophy of Natural Horse Care relates to over-all equine care.  The goal is to prepare the student for the upcoming modules as they relate the equines.


2.  Natural Equine Environments-


This module focuses on providing a natural way of living for horses.  The goal will be to gain an understanding of creating a natural environment, focus on providing free movement with a companion in a stimulating living area.


 3.  Nutrition and Feeding-


This important module will educate you in formulating a species appropriate diet.  The goal is to gain an understanding of the principles of a natural feeding program, beneficial natural sources as feedstuffs, reading feed and supplement labels, and special considerations for metabolically challenged horses.


4.  Equine Dentistry-



This extremely important module will educate you about proper equine dentistry.  The goal is an understanding of the equine mouth, why dentistry is a necessity, common dental issues, and finding a qualified dental practitioner.


5.  Natural Hoof Care-


This segment focuses on the principles of natural (barefoot) hoof care.  The goal is to understand why barefoot is healthy, the drawbacks of shoeing, barefoot trim basics, common hoof issues, finding a natural trimmer, and dealing with laminitis.


 6.  Natural Horsemanship-



This segment focuses on developing a better relationship with horses.  The goal is to introduce you to the key principles based on communication, understanding and respect.


7.  Introduction to Complementary Healing Modalities and Alternatives to Chemical Use-

This very empowering module will introduce you to a variety of complementary therapies; homeopathy, essential oils, flower essences, acupressure, massage, TTouch, Reiki, iridology and animal communication.  The goal is to educate you about some of the options available in natural health care.


 8.  Applied Natural Horse Care-   

This final module covers natural parasite control, dangers of vaccination/over-vaccination, and legal guidelines for unlicensed practitioners.  The goal is to educate you in the dangers of a cookie-cutter approach and to help you understand legalities you may run into as a practitioner.


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