Down-To-Earth Natural Horse Care is a rich resource for all wanting to provide their horses with good, healthy, long lives. Lisa Ross-Williams reminds us that domesticated horses have exactly the same needs as horses in the wild:  their ancestral diet, exercise, herd social interaction, mental stimulation, balanced hoof care, etc., to be physically, mentally and spiritually healthy and happy. This text is a must for every horse guardian who cares.”

Amy Snow & Nancy Zidonis, Authors and Founders of Tallgrass Animal Acupressure Institute


“It is my great pleasure to have read Lisa Ross-Williams book Down-To-Earth Natural Horse Care and found it to be a great resource for horse caregivers to be proactive with the care of their equine friends. She has done an excellent job to teach the concepts and principles of Non-Urban Legend horse care which most of us have been lead to believe. My favorite Quote "The person who says it cannot be done, shouldn't interrupt the person doing it" describes Lisa Ross-Williams. I have known her many years and been able to fill in some of the answers to her many questions about what is healing in the horse. She is a true lover of our dear friend the horse and under-stands the need to return to what Nature has been telling us all since the very beginning. Keep it simple and think like a horse. Her book is a breath of fresh air in a world of drugs and surgery. We are lucky to have a friend like Lisa in our equestrian family.”


Stephen R. Blake, DVM, CVA, CVH

“Down-To-Earth Natural Horse Care is a powerful tool, packed with an extraordinary amount of information that will help every horse lover ensure the physical, emotional and spiritual well being of their equine companions. Lisa Ross-Williams has achieved a landmark success in books about horse care, and we get to reap the rewards. “


Melanie Sue Bowles, founder of Proud Spirit Horse Sanctuary and author of “The Horses of Proud Spirit” and “Hoof Prints: Stories from Proud Spirit”



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Down-To-Earth Natural Horse Care-Gold Medal Winner in the Living Now Book Award contest-2011

What Sets Down-To-Earth Natural Horse Care apart?

To date there has never been such a complete resource

covering the specialized topic of Natural Horse Care.


Why Natural Horse Care?

In recent years you’ve undoubtedly made important

lifestyle choices: You hunt the supermarket aisles for

organic food, you’ve swapped your 4” stiletto heels for

sensible (and foot-friendly) walking shoes, you’ve included

exercise and sunshine into your daily routine, you gulp

down at least eight glasses of water a day, and you’re

constantly trying to figure out how to boost your immune

system and eliminate toxins from your body. You’ve even

found yourself exploring alternative methods to

conventional medicine. And you’re cooking organic meats

and vegetables for your companion animals rather than

whipping open another can of who-knows-what to feed the

cat and dog.


But what about your horse?


In “Down-to-Earth Natural Horse Care,” author Lisa Ross-

Williams has woven together an extensive resource guide

about a natural approach to horses that just feels ‘right’

with our hearts and minds. Lisa, as an industry leader in

natural horse care, brings practical, firsthand experience

to this all-inclusive book —in an entertaining, easy-to-read

format with suggestions that are simple to implement.


This book is ‘one-stop shopping’ for all your natural horse

care information. From nutrition and hydration to equine

dentistry to the importance of playtime with your horse,

“Down-to-Earth Natural Horse Care” provides

comprehensive guidelines and answers to all encom-

passing natural horse care topics and questions.


Natural horse care: Good for the horse, good for the

planet, good for your conscience. 


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April 22, 2011-Down-To-Earth Natural Horse Care Wins Gold Medal in the Living Now Book Awards

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May12, 2011- “Down-To-Earth Natural Horse Care” Picked as Required Text Book for Equine Naturopathy Certification Course

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October13, 2010--Interview with Lisa Ross-Williams on Animal Talk Naturally

Animal Talk Naturally is an internet radio show that airs LIVE, every Wednesday at 2:30 PM Eastern on BlogTalk Radio. Each week, listeners tune in to hear the latest in natural animal health, learn about the true nature of animals, and share the love of the human/animal bond.

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November 6, 2010-Natural Horse Care: Good for the horse, good for the planet and good for your conscious.

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October 18, 2010-Noted Equine Authorities Endorse Down-To-Earth Natural Horse Care.

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October 8, 2010-Common Myths and Facts Press Release.

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September 20, 2010-Down-To-Earth Natural Horse Care off the Presses.  Author Lisa-Ross-Williams shares her experiences and wisdom.

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Question and Answer Interview with author Lisa Ross-Williams as featured in Natural Horse Magazine

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