Down-To Earth Natural Horse Care Endorsements


I am privileged to have networked with the best of the

best in holistic and natural horse care.  Many of these

people have not only inspired me personally, but also had a significant influence on my writing this book.

I am honored that many of them not only reviewed

“Down-To-Earth Natural Horse Care”, but also wrote an endorsement.


---“To understand the natural horse — its health, psyche, environment — is a lifelong pursuit. And we readers are so fortunate to be able to peruse the wisdom and knowledge that Lisa Ross-Williams has gleaned over the years. This reference book, useful for new horse owners as well as experienced owners, allows us to present our horses with as natural a life as possible; having this guide is a present to all of us. Thank you, Lisa, for bringing this information to light.”

Linda Tellington-Jones, Founder of TTouch


---“Few animals have worked themselves as deeply into our culture and psyche as the horse.   Unfortunately many common management practices designed to provide the best of care have the opposite result.  In this book, Lisa Ross-Williams has provided a common sense way to maximize health and well-being the natural way.”

Glen Dupree, DVM


---“Domestication took from the horse his natural way of living. Here we learn how to give much of it back and lose nothing in the process. Indeed, life with horses becomes more satisfying and downright fun. A passionate, literate, and highly useful resource for all horse owners.”

Rick Lamb

Host of The Horse Show and "The Revolution in


---"Down-To-Earth Natural Horse Care-Keeping your horse as best suits his mind, body and soul has been picked as a required resource in the Equine Naturopathy certificate course at the new organization, the American Council of Animal Naturopathy ( ) We chose this book because the information you share is so in depth, sharing your personal journey as well as all you've learned about our equines."

Dr Kim Bloomer


---“This book is a delightful commonsense approach to the well-being of horses. Lisa has proven the validity of her advice and now shares experience and knowledge that can be trusted to enhance your horses lives. This book will safely guide you to the way ‘it was meant to be’."

Catherine Bird

Author - A Healthy Horse the Natural Way

---"First of all, thanks for including me in the book.  Being placed in the same category as Dr. Miller and Ray Hunt is flattering to say the least.  It's funny what we recall, but talking about Kenny and Smokie, I remember when we first met -  we were looking for fun obstacles to use, and Kenny ran over and picked up a one-ton boulder and ran over with it.  I think he was working in stage/film props at the time.

The book is well done and super well organized.  So many of the points are things I have learned... but when I think about it, wouldn't know where from.  Accumulated over time from various sources.  Hope-fully this book will help folks find them all in one place.

You need to know I'm not a big fan of homeopathy, aromatherapy, etc.  But your book doesn't push them like many do, just offers what is there.  I appreciate that.  And the good thing is that they don't, in and of themselves, cause any harm.  So I am not opposed.  The only harm I've seen is that folks don't call the vet when they should - in other words the opposite effect:  disdaining the vet in favor of the alternative.  I don't do either.

Same thing with barefoot horses.  Most of my horses are barefoot, and I love that.  But I also find that a few horses are actually helped by shoes.  So I am a big barefoot advocate.  Again it's the extremes that I shy away from.  Most barefoot supporters hate all shoes.  Extremes.


 In the section on "labels" - in California we see something called Total Digestible Nutrients (TDN)  I still don't know what that means, and I would love to have found out from reading the book!   If you are self published - print on demand - maybe you can enlighten me as to what is really going on there in the next edit round.

Immune system.  I've had such good results with Auburn Labs APF.  The owner, Mike Van Noy, is a DVM and he's done lots of scientific research on the all natural ingredients.  Helps with stress, ulcers, EMS, and a big one - tying up.   You might have a look and consider it as an aid in the appropriate sections - especially in helping with the stress induced by long trailer trips.  

You recommend ground level feeding.  Excellent.  There is still reference to a hay net in the trailering section.  Just yesterday I had to cut a horse out of a hay feeder in the trailer.  You did say a "safe" hay feeder.  I saw one at the HorseExpo last year, but I don't recall the name.  Maybe you can find it.  Something like "slow feeder." I'm typing this for later sending - the internet here is down, or I'd try to find it for you.  If one exists, it would be great to have a reference.

One last big one.  Maybe it's obvious, but  I see so many wrecks.  Don't open the trailer door (or divider) when the horse is still tied in.  Unite, then open.

That's it from me.  You should be proud of yourself for authoring such a thorough and heartfelt book.  Hopefully it will enlighten folks in an efficient way, rather than the way we learned things... over a long time, learning bits and pieces from here and there, and unfortunately, from mistakes or ignorance which caused heartaches and suffering - the hard way to learn.


David Lichman-5 star Parelli Instructor

---“It is my great pleasure to have read Lisa Ross-

Williams book Down-To-Earth Natural Horse Care and

found it to be a great resource for horse caregivers to be proactive with the care of their equine friends. She has done an excellent job to teach the concepts and principles of Non-Urban Legend horse care which most of us have been lead to believe. My favorite Quote "The person who says it cannot be done, shouldn't interrupt the person doing it" describes Lisa Ross-Williams. I have known her many years and been able to fill in some of the answers to her many questions about what is healing in the horse.

She is a true lover of our dear friend the horse and

understands the need to return to what Nature has been telling us all since the very beginning. Keep it simple and think like a horse. Her book is a breath of fresh air in a world of drugs and surgery. We are lucky to have a friend like Lisa in our equestrian family.”

Stephen R. Blake, DVM, CVA, CVH


“Not only is this book a great, detailed guide for beginners, but it is also an invaluable handbook and reference book for ALL natural horse care owners and practitioners. Lisa covers the full spectrum, including the horse’s environment, poisonous plants, nutrition, parasite control, dentistry, basic healthcare, first aid, complementary therapies (homeopathy, essential oils, flower essences, alternatives to chemicals, iridology), foals and senior horses, natural hoof care, natural horsemanship, and much more. Natural horse care is broken down into simple, easy to follow guidelines that make it seem achievable for every horse owner.

Throughout the book, I really enjoyed the author sharing her own personal experiences with her herd of horses. This is the most complete and up-to-date natural horse care book available, and also my favorite.”

Yvonne Welz, Editor

The Horse's Hoof


“I would like to wholeheartedly endorse a new book, Down-To-Earth Natural Horse Care, by Lisa Ross-Williams. As a senior citizen, a retired psychologist, and a horse person for my entire life, I am very enthusiastic about "Down-To-Earth" common sense in any field of endeavor. With respect to horses and horse owners, this book exudes practical advice to be prized by anyone who loves horses. 

I have had the privilege of working personally with Lisa, utilizing her extensive knowledge with respect to providing the best of care for the horse. My wife and I, and our horses, are very grateful for Lisa's "Johnny-on the Spot'' practical solutions to common challenges faced by most horse owners. In brief, although I have been a horseman since childhood, I was rather amazed, indeed, challenged by reading this book where I learned of so many things that "I didn't know and didn't know that I didn't know!"

I trust that this will be a common reaction for most despite their history with horses, therefore, it is my opinion that everyone who owns a horse should have, as a ready reference, Lisa's book.”

Grant Johnson, Ph.D.


---“I think if horses could write, they would have compiled a book like this to help us better understand their true needs, physically, mentally and emotionally! Lisa has drawn from her extensive experience, research and practical application not only to gather information, but to present it in a way that anyone would truly enjoy reading and value the insights shared. Every horse would want us to read this!"

Karen Scholl, Horsemanship for Women, Educator,

Clinician & Coach


---“This exceptional resource is for anyone who wants to secure a natural and healthy life for their horse. Lisa Ross-Williams has dedicated her life to finding what works best for the horse. In this book, she presents the best of what she has learned in a clear, concise and readable manner.”


Joseph Thomas, Ph.D.

For Love of the Horse, LLC


---“This comprehensive work has been a long time in

coming.  It's right in front of you and so very easily seen. This book should be in every horse owner’s library from beginner to expert.   Thank you, Lisa, for this wonderful compilation of ‘Down-To-Earth Natural Horse Care’.”

 Mercedes Colburn, ND, PhD

Through The Eye International 


---Down-To-Earth Natural Horse Care is a rich resource for all wanting to provide their horses with good, healthy, long lives. Lisa Ross-Williams reminds us that  domesticated horses have exactly the same needs as horses in the wild:  their ancestral diet, exercise, herd social interaction,mental stimulation, balanced hoof care, etc., to be physically, mentally and spiritually healthy and happy. This text is a must for every horse guardian who cares."

Amy Snow & Nancy Zidonis, Authors and Founders of

Tallgrass Animal Acupressure Institute


---"It is imperative that we continuously strive to ensure the physical and emotional well being of the animals in our care. And Down-To-Earth Natural Horse Care allows us to do just that for our equine family. Lisa Ross-Williams has armed us with an extraordinary amount of invaluable information in an easy to read format that you will refer to again and again. Everyone who loves horses should own this book."

Melanie Sue Bowles, founder of Proud Spirit Horse

Sanctuary and author of “The Horses of Proud Spirit” andHoof Prints: Stories from Proud Spirit”


---“The title of Lisa Ross-William’s new book “Down-To- Earth Natural Horse Care” tells the story quite well. This practical guide belongs in every horse person’s library and answers so many of the vexing questions we all predictably face. This wealth of knowledge is a wonderful addition to horsemen, novice and seasoned, and horses of all ages and temperaments.”

Frank BellNatural Horsemanship Clinician


---"This book is a must have for any horse custodian.

Down To Earth Natural Horse Care will enlighten all of us who care about our horses and teach us how to be the best we can be for the horses in our care"

Karen Pomroy - President/Founder Equine Voices Rescue & Sanctuary