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Ross-William’s new book “Down- To-Earth Natural Horse Care” tells the story quite well. This practical guide

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This wealth of know-ledge is a wonderful

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Frank Bell

Natural Horsemanship


“This book is a

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Catherine Bird
Author - A

Healthy Horse the

Natural Way


"This book is a

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Down To Earth

Natural Horse

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Karen Pomroy -


Equine Voices Rescue & Sanctuary


“This comprehensive work has been a long time in coming.  It's right in front of you and so very easily seen.

This book should be in every horse owner’s library from beginner to expert.   Thank you, Lisa, for this wonderful compilation of ‘Down-To-Earth Natural Horse Care’.”

 Mercedes Colburn, ND, PhD

Through The Eye International 


              Down-To-Earth Natural Horse Care

                              Lisa Ross-Williams






Indeed, natural horse care is not the wave of the future-it’s already here! Just as many people have turned to a more holistic and healthy lifestyle for themselves, their horses too are benefiting from this balanced awareness.


Horses today are viewed more as companions or

members of the family rather than a beast of burden and horse guardians/caretakers are realizing it’s important to allow horses to be “horses”. To fulfill their basic biological and psychological needs as a whole or holistically, in the way they are kept, fed, cared for, worked with and related to as close to their equine nature as possible. 


The main elements of a natural horse care approach

included in this book are:


Environment which consists of a horse’s natural living area, with a herd or companion, allowing them to adapt to environmental changes naturally, and special seasonal considerations.

Nutrition/Feeding; formulating a species appropriate way of feeding, beneficial natural sources for feedstuffs, reading feed labels, special considerations for metabolically challenged horses and equine dentistry.

Equine health covering special needs of young and

senior horses, parasite control, sand colic, what manure can tell you, traveling with your horse and how to be a great client for your equine veterinarian.

Natural hoof care.  Why barefoot hooves are healthy, drawbacks of shoeing, barefoot basics, how to find a natural trimmer and dealing with laminitis naturally.

Complementary care options; homeopathy, essential oils, flower essences, iridology and alternative to chemical use.

Natural horsemanship basics and building

communication, trust and fun.


We’ll cover the whole horse from head to toe in an easy to follow format while integrating some stories about a natural herd.  The extensive resource guide gives you a plethora of educational sources including my favorite books, websites and publications to further your knowledge of various natural horse care topics.


 This book is intended to introduce you to the basics of

natural horse care. To inspire you to look at what is

normal with horses, start asking questions and give you an easy to follow plan to relate to and care for your equine partner naturally. And finally, to help you understand, if you truly listen, horses can talk.




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Q & A Interview with Lisa Ross-Williams

Q: Why should people care about keeping their horses “natural?”

A: I believe that whenever we have the task of caring for an animal, it is our responsibility to do that in the best way we can, to meet their basic biological and psychological needs as a whole or holistically. The way they are kept, fed, cared for, worked with, and related to needs to align with their equine nature as much as possible. Horses are not motorcycles that are ridden and then forgotten until the next ride. They are sentient beings and they deserve the best we can give. Plus, a naturally healthy horse is safer, costs much less in vet bills, lives longer, and frankly is able to bring more joy into our world.

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