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--Hi Lisa -


I received my copy of Down-to-Earth Natural Horse Care about two weeks ago and I had to write you and tell you how phenomenal it is! It is the missing link I have been searching for to tie together all the pieces of holistic horse care that I have been studying/learning. The feeding section is phenomenal! It has given me the tools to make the additional dietary changes I have been trying to figure out by piecing together other references. I have read and reread the book, underlined, tabbed pages, and am even reading it aloud to my husband (he is a good sport!). I have followed your column in Natural Horse and am just so thrilled with this book, I had to say Congrats! Amazing work!


I will recommend it to my horse friends and clients (I am an equine massage therapist) - and probably but it for Xmas gifts too!


Great job!


--I recently purchased your book as a gift for a friend.  You very nicely personalized the book by writing a thank you to me on the inside corner.  Since you used my name, I didn't feel I could give it to my friend anymore as a gift.  So I read the book and now I am very glad you signed it to me. The book has opened my eyes to a whole other world of horse information I didn't know was out there.  I did not know there was a holistic approach to horse care and now I do.  You sighted so many websites I could check out, that I feel excited to get started.  My herd of eight horses, seven are rescued Mustangs, will appreciate your book also.  But I still need to order another book.  My friend who has adopted one of my Mustangs, but keeps her here, needs to have her own copy.  I am also sending a picture of my herd.  They are so beautiful. I have raised them from yearlings and younger.  Now they are just starting under saddle.  Jamie in WA

--Down to Earth Natural Horse Care is the True Horse Bible for those that truly and naturally love their horse.

Live and Let Live Farm Rescue will be including Down To Earth Natural Horse Care to all our horse adoption packets.

Thank you for sharing your knowledge and true love for the horse, naturally with this great book.
Teresa Paradis
Founder/Executive Director


-- I just got your book the other day and couldn't put it down.  Thank you for signing it, by the way.  I am so happy to see books like this because it means more people will be educated in the proper way to care for their horses.  Thank you.  Its winter in the NE and everyone has their horses blanketed up to the nines!  It drives me crazy.  My guy is an OTTB that defies all preconceived ideas - he's barefoot (oh, the grief I got for that!) and he wears no clothes.  Don't get me started about the worming thing!  He has the most beautiful feet and coat and serves as host to a low # of bugs!  Also, I don't use a bit.  Why?  we are not at that level of training and refinement and if it is a trigger for a track horse to run into it, why would I want to put it in his mouth?  two things I have to change - his turnout.  yes he has all day but not a huge space.  enough for him just to run a little bit but he needs more.    and playmates - he only shares a fence line and that just doesn't get him moving.  They just sit and peck at each other.  Its so hard to find good turnout!Thank you, thank you!
JAMEquiflo, llcEquine Reiki, RMT


--After reading your book I was very surprised to find all the vegetables, nuts and fruits the horses can eat. I made a medley of apples, carrots, kale, grapes and sunflower seeds. My horse finished them except for a sunflower seed that he chased all over the bowl until he finally got it, licking the bowl clean.


Thank you--they now have a new daily snack adding lots of other veggies, fruits and nuts.


Charlotte Savino in ID


--I read the whole thing on a plane going down to Florida for my book signing this past few days! I learned some new things about natural horse care and ownership.


I am going to "introduce" the Equi-Spirit ball this weekend to my Tennessee Walker. I had been away on the business trip, thus I read your very informative and loving book! I nearly cried this morning, though, when I read the chapter describing the herd, each dear horse/pony, as an individual and an important being. You do wonderful work.



Christine Merrill (Smith)


--Lisa, I received your book and it is BEAUTIFUL!  I have only had a chance to thumb through it, but so far what I've seen, it looks like it is VERY well done and informative.  GREAT JOB and I wish you much success with it.  Thanks again for giving me a copy.  I am really anxious to read it!  Robyn in AZ

--Thank you for sending the book.  I was thrilled when it arrived and haven't been able to put it down.  It will become like an old friend and look forward to many years of referring to it.  Congratulations! All your knowledge and hard work paid off.   Linda in AZ


--I got the book today and poured through it.  I just love it and have put a reference to it on my Facebook and gave it a page on my web-site.   Your chapter on dentistry is ‘right on” and I can’t tell you how glad I am that the information is getting out to the public in an information way from someone who is not an equine dentist.   I am a certified equine dentist and battle the education process every day from people who think the 10 minute float their horses got was all the dentistry they needed or worse yet, the vet runs the finger along the upper molar and says “nope, they are fine for another year” and doesn’t even bother to lift a lip and look at the incisors or check to see if they even have lateral movement.  


So many clients are almost in tears when they actually get to see inside their horses mouth with the aid of a speculum and bright light and see the damage caused by sharp paints and the mal-occlusions that the vet didn’t seem to even be concerned about.  On behalf of all of those horse owners that you are educating and those yet to read your information – THANK YOU!  Christine in CA (Equine Dental Provider)

--Thank you for such a wonderful book.  I'm sure it was a challenge, putting into words, all that you know from years of experience.  It is very much appreciated.  People need to read this information.  Will be sure to recommend.  Kris in AZ (natural hoof care provider)


--What a lovely design on your new book cover! Really pretty. I will read it on my way to Chicago this week. Many thanks for sending me a copy and for educating people on the what horses really want and need in their lives.  Ginger Kathrens-The Cloud Foundation


--Love the pictures in your book also.  It makes it so personal.  When I first got your  book, I thought I was just going to read whatever interest me.  I'm not a fan of reading.  I'm happy to say that I'm reading it from cover to cover.  Thanks so much for signing it for Hank and I.  They bring us such joy!  Ann in AZ


--Lisa, my Aunt Melanie gave me your book and I have to tell you how much I'm enjoying it and am loving the info especially on nutrition.  I'm telling all my horse friends this is a must have book.  Thank you!  Sarah in AR


--I received my copy of your book this past week, thank you.  I am about half way through and am enjoying it very much.  It is important to me that I care for my horses properly meeting their physical and emotional needs and I take this responsibility very seriously.  Thank you so much for writing this book and sharing your experience and advice with us.  Judy Wilson


--I have read Lisa’s new book and it is great, this is a very good resource for putting all the different components of natural lifestyle into one place.  Courtney in AZ (Natural Hoof Care Provider)


--Your book is exactly the sort of information that I respond to and looks like something my readers would be interested in learning more about.  I wondered if you would be interested in creating an excerpt article for us - we would run in it trade for promoting your book, including the cover art, your website, how-to-purchase information, etc.  Of course, I'd love to read it from cover to cover.   Norma Velda-Publisher Today’s Horse Trader Magazine


--I have put the copy out on a table of recommended reading in the workshop room. I will write a review of it in an upcoming newsletter, which I hope to get to after Thanksgiving. Congratulations. What I have read so far is valuable, succinct, easy to read and understand. Best wishes on the continued success of all your work. The horses are benefitting!  Linda Kohanov-author the Tao of Equus


--Lisa, I received your book today. Just starting chapter 5. It's a great common sense resource for horse owners that want a healthier life for their horse family! We live on 10 acres in northeastern NV. Lots of sagebrush & juniper. Very dry in the summer, cold & windy in the winter. Far as I've seen we really don't have a fall & spring. We've had horses since 2004. And as most started with the traditionally excepted views on caring for them. 4 years ago the last shoe came off. 2 years ago the bits were all given away. They have never been stalled or blanketed. They would probably shred the blankets anyway. No grain or alfalfa. They are fed free choice grass hay in slow feeders that we made, loose salts & minerals & whatever they can find under the sagebrush. They have cover if they want it, which is rarely.  Up until we added a new mare this month, who has no social skills as yet they ran as a herd. Hopefully they can again soon. We are constantly researching & learning as much as we can to keep them happy & healthy. We must be doing something right as they voluntarily spend as much time in our company as they can. We have an upcoming 2 year old that we have decided to start instead of sending him out, our 4 year old mare was sent to a highly recommended trainer & came back a nervous wreck so Hawks staying here. In 2 years when he ready to start riding I want a happy well adjusted horse. So yes I would love to join your group. I'm not always good about joining in. Not a lot of computer time. But I enjoy reading the posts & join in as I can. Thanks again for a great book, Teresa